Ph.D Thesis
Title: Phenomenology and Difference: the body, architecture and race (University of Warwick, 1998)

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Texts: academic papers (all are pdfs)

A Thousand Ways of Walking - presented at the Society for European Philosophy conference, 1998

Review of Archeticture: Ecstasies of Space, Time and the Human Body (by David Farrell Krell 1997), published in AA Files, 1998

In the Shadows Beneath the Temple - delivered at the Theoros conference on aesthetics, Dundee 1999

xyz - paper delivered at the Architectural Association, 1999

Imaginalysis - or the Technologies of Place, unpublished text, 1999

Fanon, Merleau-Ponty and the Difference of Phenomenology, published in Race, ed by Robert Bernasconi, 2000

The Wind - delivered at a conference on Ecological Ethics in Cork, 2000

Merleau-Ponty's Invisible Man, presented at the SPEP conference, Chicago, 2000

Review of Invisible Governance: the Art of African Micro-Politics (by Hechte and Simone, 1994), 2000

Review of Critical Race Theory (by Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic, 2001), published in Philosophia Africana, 2002

Changing the Joke: Invisibility in Merleau-Ponty & Ellison, published in Philosophia Africana, 2003

Postcolonial theory on the brink: a critique of Achille Mbembe's On the Postcolony, published in African Identities, 2003

Achille Mbembe and the Postcolony, going beyond the text, published in Research in African Literatures, 2003

Ojuelegba: the Sacred Profanities of a West African Crossroad, published in African Urban Spaces, ed. by Toyin Falola, 2004

Other texts

The closing of the Nigerian Mind: a walk through the University of Ibadan, 2004

The agbada: an essay on the power of cloth, 2005

Fanti - Carnival in Lagos, first published in True Love magazine (West Africa edition), 2005

Review of Michael Haneke's film Hidden, 2006